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Content Syndication – Get The Word Out

When it comes to information marketing, many people will talk about isolation. They won’t call it that, they will say something like “exclusive” and they will instruct you to post your articles, information, and content in one location and then just market that. While this is good for ecommerce sites that have to live and die with their selection and prices, this doesn’t work for every website out there. If you want to make a splash you’re going to have to work within the boundaries of content syndication, and it’s for the better. Exclusive content is good, but you should work within the syndication ideology to get the most attention possible.

First and foremost, do not worry about whether or not your readers and visitors will start to vanish, in favor of another source. If they read, respond, and share your content from another source, you still have the final say because your authorship, and links will point directly to the web pages that you’re promoting. That means that you will be able to cast a much wider net to a larger audience, even if you see your numbers calm slightly.

Syndication is not a bad thing, it’s another outlet to promote your links, articles and more. Think about the television model for a moment. A program is run once in primetime, and then after a few seasons it is replayed at various hours and that only increases the popularity of that program. The same can be said about your content, which you can have posted exclusively in one locale for a time, but after that initial window, spreading it across other outlets will only strengthen your name and brand. It’s a logical movement forward and when you think about it in terms of SEO.

Search engine optimization hinges on whether or not you can build backlinks, and that’s something that can really help you get ranked higher within any search platform. If you syndicate your articles, for instance, and you have them spread across 20 pages, and those pages all have their own ranks, you will benefit from the link back that they provide. Now, if they were to syndicate their posts further, including RSS, Link Exchanges and more, you will then double, triple, or even quadruple your reach. That makes for serious authority that competition will have a hard time fighting with.

Here’s the kicker, duplicate content is usually bad. Well, it sure is, but only if it is manipulating the search engines in a way that is malicious. If you read the major search engine’s stance on syndication you will realize that they not only do not punish sites that do this, but they reward sites that do it properly, which means that all the naysayers out there are wrong about this notion. However, you need to make sure that you do not venture into the spam world, and you do not become one of the many malicious sites that is strategically publishing content that is in some way deliberately trying to game the system. This can be tricky, but if you stay within the boundaries of syndication within quality outlets, you will not suffer the fate of getting delisted.

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