Conversion Optimization Rules of Thumb

Conversion Optimization Rules of Thumb

Once you have your pages set up and you’re ready to start promoting the many different branches of your store, blog or just about anything that you’re working on today, you will need to remember a few things in regards to conversion optimization. This takes precedent for t hose that are looking to leverage the traffic that they receive from all over the web, and without it, your bounce rate may be higher than the conversions that you’re receiving. Getting people to your site is not the main goal, if you’re an ecommerce store or you’re looking to gain more followers, readers, or whatever it is that your goals are.

There are a few rules of thumb that you should consider before you start to panic about whether or not you’re doing a good job with internet marketing. You’ll have to think about what you’re offering and whether or not it stands on the strength of your ad copy, images, or is it falling flat? To get a clearer picture of how to get more people to interact with what you’re offering, you have to focus on trying to think like the end user. Only when you understand your audience, will you be able to deliver whatever it is they are looking for.

Aside from creating pages with the proper word flow, advertising copy, and more, think about the way certain things are handled. Are you making it easy for the end user to use your site? Not only that, will they be compelled to come back or bookmark the page if they arrive and don’t find what they are looking for? There are a number of variables that shifts the bounce rate that you have to unsatisfactory digits, and it can all be a matter of testing your optimization in the framework of the aforementioned questions.

Conversion optimization doesn’t end on the top of your page, it rests within the inside of the links that you have on the interior. You’ll have to focus on more than just painting a pretty picture with your design, it has to be compelling in a way that flows naturally, and begs the end user to utilize it. This sort of abstract thought can complicate those that aren’t familiar with information technology and best practices as to how to turn traffic into conversions.

Perhaps the best thing that you can take away today is the idea of experimentation. Change prices, change the ad copy, images, and framework slightly. Don’t go overboard, but make sure that you are shifting focus at times so that visitors to your pages have a reason to come back, and to consider limited time offerings important. If you have static pages that just sit on the web, you are following the wrong model, and for that reason you need to shake things up for the better. A little experimentation in how you present your pages will go a long way to ultimate success, so don’t rest on the laurels of a good layout or even a lot of traffic.

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